Akib Jahir

Zero Mosquito, Zero Fogging

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Zero Mosquito, Zero Fogging

Up until now, toxic fogging has been the best solution that the greatest minds in science have come up with to target the world’s most dangerous animal: the mosquito. The catch? It doesn’t work. With indiscriminate destruction of ecosystems and just a 25% efficacy rate, something isn’t adding up. But what if there was a better solution? What if we can tackle the harmful diseases that mosquitoes carry while fostering the essential biological diversity of our planet?

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Akib is a passionate entomologist, avid mosquito hunter and Manchester United enthusiast. Based in the Maldives, Akib’s work is pioneering the way towards an integrated method sustainable mosquito management. He is passionate about eliminating mosquito-borne diseases, the impact this can have on the public health sector, and fostering environmental balance on our beautiful planet. Akib holds both a Bachelors degree in Zoology and a Masters in Entomology from the Aligarh Muslim University in India. Additionally, he holds a second Masters in Integrated Pest Management and Crop Protection from Harper Adams’s University in the United Kingdom, where he was given the British Crop Production Council’s Best Student Award for his research with Black Vine Weevils. 

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