Carissa Nimah

Do Job Titles Matter?

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Do Job Titles Matter?

Are you a staff member or a dream maker? A CEO or a Guardian of the Culture? As employees increasingly seek purpose over pecking order, what if everyone had a job title that motivated and inspired them to become the most creative version of themselves?

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Originally a journalist before moving into PR and marketing, Carissa has worked for some of the world’s top luxury brands, and is personally motivated by creativity, purpose and ethical business.  She holds a Masters of Marketing degree, as well as two undergraduate degrees in Politics and Journalism from Australian universities. She is now studying law part-time. Carissa lives in Hua Hin with her husband and daughter, and has previously lived and worked in Australia, Ireland, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. She has a German Shephard and English Cocker spaniel, as well as a feral cat. She is an aspiring kite surfer, yogi and vegan chef. Carissa is currently Guardian of the Brand (Chief Commercial Officer) of a world-renowned brand of luxury resorts, where she oversees sales, marketing and reservations teams globally.

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